Here is what we learned—

Bob Mueller and his team—that included nearly 2-dozen prosecutors and 40 or more FBI agents—over the course of nearly 2-years—Could Not Establish the existence of a conspiracy or collusion—put another way—it means failed to establish—or even more accurate reveals Mueller does not have evidence—any evidence—to find President Trump or any American worked with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 Election. It is a slam dunk win for the President and a walk off home run for his administration.

It is a staggering loss for the Democrats—and their media hand maidens—but they even didn’t blink while pivoting blithely to trying to make the whole thing about obstruction of justice. This too will fail but they had to do something. After all it was an all-hands-on-deck emergency after more than 2-years of assuring everyone they had the goods on President Trump, his people and his family. They didn’t.

With the assistance of dozens of Federal prosecutors and scores of FBI agents—Mueller Failed to dig up enough to support the original premise that there was a conspiracy of any sort—or collusion if you will with the Russians—There is simply nothing there. It is a $35 Million dollar dry hole.

There was No Red Phone to Vlad at the Kremlin—never was and such a narrative was bunk the entire time— It really was a hoax—a witch hunt and a lie from day one. And from very early on Mueller had to have known it. There is just no way that a guy with his kind of experience didn’t realize quickly that they were operating with very little substance. So he did the best he could.

Bob, this is what you’ve got? This is it, really?

BUT Mueller was desperate to deliver—something—anything to justify his $35 Million-dollar charade. So he spent part two of his report wandering through minutia of interactions and non-events trying to create a narrative that President Trump may have done something wrong.

Then Mueller did something—totally unethical and far outside the norm. He threw a wrench into everything by changing the standard of his investigation altogether—a dirty trick I would say—by throwing in the line—“could not exonerate”—which is cute because that has never been the standard for anything—a prosecutor either has the goods or not. Exoneration is NOT the job of a prosecutor—Mueller failed to produce anything of substance on Collusion or Obstruction—if he had—he would have put it in the report. He came up empty altogether on collusion so he aimed for obstruction and can only utter that he cannot exonerate The President—that standard would destroy anyone!

Now it’s A-G William Barr’s fault we are told—somehow he is carrying water for The President—because Mueller failed to deliver on anything of significance at all in his long winded 400+ page report—that goes so far into minutia—that its borderline absurd at times— so the Dems are placing blame on Barr.

But make no mistake—they are seeing the truth in many Progressive circle’s. That is why Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have been out early to say the pursuit of impeachment is ‘premature’ or ‘would divide the country’ too much.

No, the truth is; such a foolish exercise would divide the Democratic Party for the last time. It may still but others are understanding what a stunning loss the Mueller report was for the Dems. Adam Schiff is now finally admitting the pursuit of impeachment is very unlikely. Why is that Adam? You told us for more than 2-years that you personally had plenty of evidence of collusion with the Russians. Where is it Adam? Now is the time to put your cards on the table. Let’s see this evidence you have been talking so much about for so very long.

Have no fear however, the brain trust of the Freshmen class, led by Rashida Tlaib, AOC and Ilhan Omar will still plow forward with their factless pursuit of Trump. I for one am cheering them on. They will blather on about impeachment and I am glad for it. It will show honest people just how dishonest many Democrats truly are.

I do however have a word of caution for Jerrold Nadler and some of the other more vapid members of the Democratic House Caucus; be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Calling Bob Mueller will likely do you more damage than good. Let me be clear; Mueller will not provide one word more than was put into his just released final report. He will not play the games played by James Comey. Under oath, Mueller in fact may walk back some of the things Democrats have claimed his report ‘proves’. What they will learn is that by going to the same well too often can result in coming up dry—or worse—lessening what you had to begin with.

Its over—but they just cannot let it go.

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