Here's a fun game you can play today. Take a second and think about how many passwords you have for all of your accounts. We're talking email, computer log-ins, Netflix, Hulu, eBay, banking and everything else. How many do you think you have? If the answer is between 70-80, then it looks you're in the 'normal range'.

Now, let's talk about what you're using for your passwords. According to new research from the security company NordPass, people have LOTS of different ways of choosing their passwords. Some of the favorite choices include using female names, a string of numbers or sports terms.However, it appears that a lot of people--millions in fact--that are STILL using the obvious (and not very secure) password of....12345 and 123456 and for the over-achievers, there's a lot of people using 123456789. According to their list, the other obvious password option of "password" is #5 on the list of the top 200 passwords of 2019. Click here to see the complete list.

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