Grab some popcorn and enjoy the free entertainment as we watch both sides duke it out. Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg's campaign is upset about a sign placed on the window of his Flint campaign office. Critics claim the billionaire has no right to be upset.

The sign, which reads 'Eat the Rich' was placed on the window of Bloomberg's campaign office located on Saginaw St. in Flint.

The picture was posted on Team Bloomberg's Twitter page on Monday (2/24) with the caption:  "Eat the Rich" Our office in Flint, MI  America deserves better.

Critics question how Bloomberg can be upset, saying he reportedly poured $3 million dollars into Rick Snyder's campaign in 2014.

Others jab that Bloomberg could have fixed the Flint water crisis with the money he's spent on his presidential campaign ads in just the past few months.

Other Bloomberg offices in Tennessee, Utah, and Ohio have been the targets of vandalism as well.

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