Indiana’s legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight is going all in for Donald Trump and frankly that makes sense to me. Bobby Knight is the kind of guy who speaks his mind just like Trump. Knight is the kind of guy who has been the center of media storms just like Trump and has said some wildly offensive things over the years depending on who you are, just like Trump. One notorious comment came during a 1988 interview on NBC News with Connie Chung when he said, “If rape is inevitable relax and enjoy it.” Knight had been asked how he handled stress and his answer created a lot more of it.

Despite his regular battles with the media Bobby Knight won three national championships for the Hoosiers, including an undefeated season in 1976. Plus he claimed two more in 1981 and 1987. His record is among the very best of all time. He was also a victim of his own mouth and was prone to profanity and outbursts on the court including throwing chairs across the floor if he was really angry at a call from the refs.

Now he is on the stage stumping for Donald Trump in the crucial state of Indiana. In fact some are now pointing to Indiana on May 3rd as the final battle on the road to the GOP nomination in July. Ted Cruz and his campaign have also circled Indiana, as it may be the very last gasp for his campaign. Cruz at one time was favored there but after Trumps enormous and unexpected margin in New York, the billionaire’s fortunes have been on the rise. In the latest polls he is now leading in Indiana by 5 to 8 points.

Knight, also known as The General, will be taking to the podium in Indianapolis at an upcoming rally for Trump and it will generate huge buzz in the media but more importantly it will likely help ring up a big win in Indiana- because no matter what Knight ever said, he was a winner, a really big winner and that’s what folks in that part of the country remember most.

It’s also pretty convenient to Trump, a guy who says America has got to ‘start winning again’ and when he is elected says ‘you will get tired of winning’ all the time gets the nod from one of the most controversial winners of all time.

Just makes me say, hmmmmm.

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