With a wet spring very possible and forecasters saying it will likely be followed by one of the hottest summers we’ve had in recent years, the Zika virus could make it’s way into Michigan and so could a host of other issues.

Other illnesses like West Nile Virus could also be coming in greater incidence than in years past because of the likelihood of very favorable mosquito conditions this spring and summer.

When it comes to the pests it is all about location. Of course low lying areas and flood plains that have standing water will become factories for the buzzing little swarms of blood sucking joy. Other places that you can control include swimming pools or anything else that holds water too long like buckets or bird baths. You should be mindful of those sorts of things if you want to keep mosquitos to a minimum.

You can also turn to the professionals at companies like Mosquito Squad. Mike Hoover owns four such franchises in Michigan and says his guys are already gearing up to take on the pests right now. “We are getting the teams trained and preparing for some very long days this year,” he said. Last year it seemed like we had a bumper crop of mosquitos, but this year it could be even worse.

You have been warned!

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