Most people know, well let me re-state that; most people that are over say 40 years of age know that Benjamin Franklin one of the nations Founding Fathers thought the wild turkey should be the symbol of our nation. It was not to be and the Bald Eagle of course grabbed that coveted title.

I have no idea why I brought that to your attention other than to point out it is now turkey season in Michigan and across the Midwest. My wife Ivey struck gold with her Excalibur Crossbow while hunting in Ohio Saturday and tagged her first ever turkey.

We are benefiting of that free flying, free ranging white meat tonight. It is healthy like nothing you will ever be able to buy at the local meat department. It is free of growth hormones, and anti-biotics and is without a doubt organic. As I sit here smelling the aroma of garlic and spice and wild turkey wafting through the air I just decided to share I guess.



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