This weekend is a BIG weekend! Great food, friends, family, commercials, performances, memories. The list could go on, but how do you even recover after a night like that and be expected to work the next day? Even FOX thinks the idea of work is crazy, telling you to take the day off, which if you've missed out on you can find more here. 

According to a survey by The Workforce Institue, you probably already have it in mind to skip out. Nearly 17.5 million employees are said to call out on the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday.

This is actually one of the largest numbers since the group originally started tracking these numbers back in 2005.

An estimated 11 million will use their pre-approved time, while 4.7 will call out 'sick.' To put in better words, about 50% of employees are expected to miss work.

The better question is, are you going to 'call out.'

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