If you're a fan of art, and live in Michigan, you've probably been to the Detroit Institute of Art at least once. From the arts of the ancient Middle East, to European Art, and more, you've probably seen a lot at the DIA. Coming this summer, they will have a new exhibit honoring Vincent Van Gogh.

"Van Gogh in America opens June 21 and will remain on public display through Sept. 27. It is a showing of about 65 van Gogh paintings and works on paper that exemplify the early recognition of the artist’s work in America. The show includes Self-Portrait, a piece painted by van Gogh in 1887 that the DIA acquired in 1922." From the The Blade.

Coming this summer, the DIA, will be welcoming a Vincent Van Gogh exhibit. The exhibit open June 21st, and will remain open to the public until September

"Van Gogh, one of the most iconic influences of 20th-century art, was virtually unknown as an artist at the time of his death in 1890 at the age of 37. Recognition of his work came a couple of decades later." From The Blade Website.


Van Gogh was one of the most influential artists in the 20th-century art culture. Though, his work didn't gain popularity and recognition while he was alive, only a couple decades later would his art gain the popularity it has today.

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