This week's show is full of passion as Gruber delves into the identity of "Jihadi John," a British citizen who has been featured in numerous ISIS execution films. MI5 earns a harsh critique from Steve as they let him come and go as he pleased despite questionable ties.

In this week's second segment Steve takes a look at the massive government bureaucracy that runs our every day lives through countless regulation. Gruber takes concern with the fact that these agencies do not go away, and operate effectively without legislative control: a recipe for tyranny.

With the Keystone XL pipeline vetoed and many many more instances of liberal ideology trumping common sense, Steve wonders where the end is, because it certainly isn't in sight. Gruber argues that the modern democrat party is comprised of a communist ideology that ultimately hates capitalism.

Steve continues his explanation of the liberal disease in the final segment of this episode of Weekend Edition and he cuts to the heart of the matter: liberal policy is about control, in one way or another. Steve says that the liberals want to control what you drive, control what you eat, control what you learn, control what you do and then decide how much of your taxes go to someone else. Can you disagree?

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