Here are Three Big Things you need to know.

The Democrats are eating themselves as an AOC backed fringe left socialist has taken out one of the most powerful members of Nancy Pelosi’s leadership team. Ouch Nancy! Now what?

The Media Meltdown over the so called second wave in Florida and elsewhere is at a fever pitch. Too bad, it seems to be waning already. This will create a surge in Trump Derangement Syndrome over the next couple of weeks.

So, I finally read an argument that resonates with me when it comes to whether or not I should wear a mask and it has me rethinking the whole argument over using a mask. That has dubious clinical value at best BUT if I wear advertising on the mask then maybe we are on to something.

So If I wear a Trump 2020 mask and it helps him with re-election over the insurgent socialists then OkI can do that!

What do you think Karen’s will hate more, no Mask or a sea of Trump masks wherever they go? PLUS many states are saying you don’t need one to vote—BUT CAN I WEAR A BRIGHT RED MAGA MASK TO THE POLLS?


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