Live from The No Panic Zone, here's what you need to know right now.

Covid-19 has suddenly become unimportant, so has social distancing, as they are pushed out of the headlines.

Detroit is among the nation's cities facing mandatory curfews now because of violence unchecked—the national guard and the US Military may all play a role in this.

Across the nation, liberal cowards are hiding as their cities burn. People Like AOC are actually trying to justify the lawlessness leaving people including law enforcement officers dead in the streets the acts of brutality and attempted murder are enough to make you sick to your stomach. But when AOC and her Antifa friends are rationalizing and saying we deserve this, you need to pay attention. We are no longer going to stay in our houses and we will not sit idly by while Democrats say nothing and the violence continues.

It began with the Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but now its across the nation.

America's barber Karl Manke is back in the headlines as the court of appeals issues what appears to be an illegal order to a lower court that had no choice but to do what it was told. Now it's up to the Supremes.

Violence is the predictable outcome of being locked in our homes for weeks and then told to dehumanize by wearing masks that have no effect whatsoever, and then let Antifa get everyone riled up and away we go.

President Trump is calling on Democrats to get their cities and states under control, otherwise he is ready to implement something much tougher to get things reeled in. Minneapolis is where it started, but now the Antifa fueled violence has spread across the nation.

The breaking point is very near for those who are still locked out of their businesses and their jobs. There is only so much that can be taken from them before they say—no more—we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

Members of Legally Armed in Detroit took to the steps of The State Capital to say they are no longer going to sit by while black men are killed by police, but despite claims from the left, the heavily armed militia types had no issue with anyone during the protest.

The disastrous Executive Order by Big Gretch to force those sick with Coronavirus into nursing homes, even though those facilities were not equipped to deal with the flood of patients, and the information is now spilling out. A reckoning for Big Gretch is coming.

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