What is the world coming to? Well it’s a bit confusing right now, so I am here to give it clarity. I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is The Steve Gruber Show Tuesday February 18th 2020.

 Here are 3 big things you need to know right now:

Number 3— General Motors is re-tooling, re-thinking, re-investing and now re-treating from several places around the world. GM is pulling out of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand and going to where the big profits can be found.

Number 2—The shocking price of electricity is really surprising. I mean look at the cost of gasoline at the pump right now. It's down to $2.15. The cost of natural gas has fallen by half in the last 2 years—and yet the high cost of power continues and it's hurting those who can least afford it.

Number 1— A group of Democratic Senators held a secret backroom meeting with Iranian officials last week in Germany, and it is the very kind of meeting those same Senators called illegal when the Trump transition team was preparing to move into The White House. But this meeting with Iran might be a lot more dangerous!

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