One down and nine more to go.  Governor Snyder is set to hold another of his town hall-style meetings on Thursday in the Detroit area after making his first appearance Monday night at the Bernhard Center at Western Michigan University.

But the road, if last night's event is any indication, might be a bit bumpy. is reporting that Democrats are already calling foul after they say they were denied admittance to the event.  But Snyder campaign officials say the events, that will be held in areas all over Michigan, are designed to sway "undecided" voters.

Polls show the race between the incumbent Republican and his Democratic challenger Mark Schauer is still neck-in-neck.

In his address last night, Snyder focused on the economy and education.  He also defended signing the Right to Work law last December, saying it was a fight brought on by unions--not him--and he responded accordingly.

"I don't run from tough issues," he told the crowd.

He claimed the unions' idea of putting collective bargaining rights into the Michigan Constitution would have "destroyed our state."

Most political pundits admit the "town hall" forum is a good one for Snyder allowing him to "connect" with voters.  He'll be holding another on Thursday in Sterling Heights but the remainder of his calendar is sketchy.  It's unknown at this time if he plans to hold an event in the Lansing area.

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