Getty Images By: Bryan Thomas

The Chief of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated that crude oil would cost at a minimum a $150 a barrel today instead of approximately $95 if we did not have fracking.

EIA chief Adam Sieminski made that comment in a interview with Reuters, and just so you do not think he is a right wing nut Sieminski was appointed by President Barack Obama as EIA Administrator in 2012.

“What the EIA Administrator is telling us is without fracking in the United States we’d be paying well over $4-a-gallon for gasoline and our economy would truly be in the tank,” said Daniel Kish, senior vice president of policy at the Institute for Energy Research, a non-profit research group that advocates for expansion of domestic oil production.

So I guess we need to thank the Republicans for pushing back on the Democrats attempt to extremely limit or shutdown Fracking operation.

Thank you Republicans.