It wouldn't be a Michigan Halloween without a little snow, right? Well, better grab some jackets, gloves, and something to keep your head warm and get ready to possibly see a little bit of snow.

According to the National Weather Service, you can expect to see highs near 45 on Thursday, with a chance of precipitation throughout the day. Expect a low of about 33 on Thursday night with a 70% chance of rain and snow showers. Less than half an inch of snow is expected to accumulate throughout the night.

If you're from a state like Michigan, seeing snow on Halloween is no surprise. In fact, it is a bit of a tradition to see some chilly weather with some snow in the forecast. In turn, that also makes your possibly hard-thought-out Halloween costumes, a little more obsolete as you bring out some type of coat or blankets to keep you warmer.

It will definitely be a bit of a chilly Halloween, and what better time to go dig out the winter jack and cover up that Halloween costume.

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