Why didn’t all UAW members go back to work yesterday?  Well three UAW members were fired yesterday by General Motors.

Why were they fired and thus at least for now will not be collecting their $11,000 signing bonuses?  According to reporting by the Detroit News they were fired for offenses that included bomb threats and damaging a GM vehicle during the United Auto Workers strike.

Bomb threats, you have to be kidding me.

Also according to a Detroit Free Press report two workers at Flint Assembly, stated that one of the workers had posted on social media earlier this month:

General Motors is sneaking in scabs to run the body shop. Need all people (out) there to stop them. Bring your ball bats, numb chicks (sic) and night sticks. It's time to step this up. It's time to get some national headlines coverage and turn the tables on Mary Barra. Be there and bring a friend.

What kind of people is GM hiring?

General Motors in a statement concerning the firing said:

We can confirm the employees have been dismissed from Flint Assembly due to violations of company policy. Our team members play a critical role in our success, and the new four-year labor agreement recognizes those important contributions with an industry-leading wage and benefit package. As we restart operations, we are moving forward as one team and staying focused on our priorities of safety and building high quality vehicles for our customers.

A UAW spokesman response to the firings was:

All issues will be addressed through our local unions and our contracts' grievance process which applied during the work stoppage.

One Flint worker said:

Our chairman put on our Local 598 App that the people who were discharged have been told and the union is working with them to write a grievance. You have to write a grievance because that's how you get your job back

If there is solid proof they did what they are accused of I certainly hope the Union will not stand behind them. Were the police notified of the bomb threats and did they investigate them?

We hopefully will find out shortly.

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