It's that time of the year where you, or younger children, will be dressing up and costumes, and possibly throwing on a hat, wig, or some type of mask. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least six million children from ages three to 11 years old will get head lice.

With Halloween, and colder temperatures finally here, children could possibly be sharing hats, or even wigs this time of year without knowing of any repercussions.

Of course, lice are spread through head-to-head contact. It's best to let your kids know now to avoid sharing hair brushes, scarves or even hats. Although, according to WILX, there are other ways for lice to be spread around as well. You could even get lice by hanging your coats around other coats.

Why? Well, this is because lice still hang on to the hair we shed throughout the day.

On a better note, however, lice crawl, they do not jump or fly, so you shouldn't have to worry about catching them from sitting next to someone who has them.

Lice can be mistaken for dandruff, so it would be better to watch for children itching their heads a lot, as well as having small red bumps on their scalp and neck. Lice are a lot harder to comb out than dandruff.

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