A reward is being offered for the person responsible for throwing a kitten out of a moving car at a busy intersection in Grand Ledge.

This story has infuriated animal lovers in Mid Michigan. According to WILX,

Patricia Lance says she heard from a co-worker on Monday that a kitten was thrown out of the car at the corner of M-100 and Saginaw in Grand Ledge.

Let me repeat that. Someone tossed a kitten out of a car window like a piece of trash.  This occurred at a busy intersection in Grand Ledge and apparently it is not the first time.  There have been reports of someone tossing kittens out of a car window at other busy intersections, sometimes causing the animal's death.

WILX reports that Patricia Lance spent time all last week searching for the kitten(s).

“On Friday I was notified that the kitten had died in the road,” said Lance. “It makes me want to cry. It’s ridiculous. It was a beautiful kitten, there are animal rescues, there are all kinds of options. You don’t need to throw an animal out of the window. That kitten didn’t stand a chance.”

There is a reward that is up to $1300 dollars and growing, to find those responsible for this act of animal cruelty.  According to Lance, there have been 3 more reports of cat deaths along Saginaw and 3 more kittens were reported thrown out of a moving car in Portland.

Reports say the person driving the car, who threw the kittens out of the window, was driving a dark car with four doors.

The Grand Ledge Police Department has been contacted  and ask that you call them with any information.

Thanks to WILX tv 10 for the news of this story. You can read more about this story on their website.

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