Live from the campus of Hillsdale College in beautiful Hillsdale Michigan, this is Scot Bertram in for Steve on the Steve Gruber Show for Wednesday October 23rd 2019.

Here are 3 big things you need to know:

Three—Game 1 of the World Series is in the books, with the Nationals knocking off Astros ace Gerrit Cole in a thrilling 5-4 win. The Nationals steal home field advantage as they head to Game 2. There's just nothing quite like playoff baseball.

Two—As the General Motors strike continues, sad news from Tennessee. A United Auto Workers picket was struck and killed Tuesday by a driver outside the GM plant in Spring Hill. The preliminary investigation and witness statements suggest that the man was not actively picketing at the moment of the crash but attempting to cross the roadway near the picket line

And number one—Republican Senator Lindsey Graham railed against the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, calling it “illegitimate” and “unconstitutional” and said he plans to introduce a Senate resolution that would argue any articles of impeachment should be “dismissed in the Senate without a trial.”

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