Things to do Around Michigan.

Colors seem to be turning early this year. How about a few destinations that are old growth forest with trails for walk through the colors.
In the Upper Peninsula, Porcupine Mountains has an overlook view at the Lake of the Clouds is all old growth forest. When you're finished with that, a drive of 45 minutes will take you around the South Boundary Road of the mountains to the Black River Rd. where there are 4 waterfalls in a 15 mile drive.
Salmon are coming into the Manistique river and that is where the Haywire Trail is for a 30 mile track thru 2nd growth forest, loads of color for off road vehicles
North of Alpena, Rockport Recreation Area, Rockport State Park (North Section)  has a 1 mile trail through various hardwoods with a stand of Virgin White Pine and the lost town of Bell, along the trail are old ruins and an old safe with the door blown off.  You will want to use Rayburn Hwy to get there.
In the South, in Newaygo, Sailors Pines is a 10 acre stand of virgin pines Mr. Sailor dedicated to the memory of his wife.  The entire surrounding area is hilly and full of hardwoods.  Coolbough, abandoned homesteads, is nearby, miles of trails through rolling hills.
Pathway along the Croton Hardy Dam on the Muskegon River is beautiful, and I hear the walleye fishing is good.
COLOR DESTINATIONS WE WILL DISCUSS IN COMING WEEKS. Here are some of the places and things to look forward to. Brockway Drive and the Western Bluff, Copper Peak Sturgeon River Gorge,  Ringwood Forest, Beal Plantation Trail, Forest Primeval, and Top 5 Color Tour Drives.


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