What's Happening Around Michigan

Upper Peninsula:

Wilderness Destination of the Week - Lime Island.

Lime Island is across from Raber MI.
Sit atop a bluff overlooking the St. Marys River and watch Great Lake freighters
pass by, hike on the trails, fish from shore, relax on the sandy beach. Cottages and
rustic tent camping. Other than that, the island is completely covered in forests,
home to a population of black bears.
Visitors to the Island must charter or navigate a boat three miles across the St.
Mary's River. There are several smaller islands that surround Lime island.


Alpena. Alpena Disks.
Unusual artifacts have been dug up all over the Great Lakes Region. The Besser
Museum in Alpena, Michigan houses a rare collection of hundreds of prehistoric
shale discs. Nothing like them has been discovered anywhere else. The discs are
unique to Alpena. Before the disks were verified as prehistoric, none had been
recorded in archaeological reports.
A single disc was found at an archaeological site on Georgian Bay on the Canadian
side of Lake Huron. The purpose of the discs remains unexplained. Some have
inscriptions, but most are blank. The inscriptions appear to be spiritual images.
Some are said to be important in the cosmology of the Algonquian people.
The discs were first discovered by Robert E. Haltiner in the 1940's.


Freeland. Baynes Apple Valley opens on the 18th. Many varieties of
Michigan apples - family owned bakery, cafe, and gift shop.
South Haven. National Blueberry Festival and Craft Fair, August
6-9, 2020, South Haven, MI Music, farm days and blueberry everything!!

Some events are cancelled but the festival is on. still happening, including Farm Day on
Aug. 7, when you can visit various growers; a photo contest; a scavenger hunt for
kids and a virtual 5K.
Check out blueberry vendors and the national Blueberry Festival booth at the
downtown pavilion on Aug. 8.

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