With temperatures heading into record setting cold territory in the days to come it begs the question what is the deadliest weather phenomenon? Well according to the Centers for Disease Control there is no challenger to extreme cold when it comes to killing Americans. In fact by a rate of more than 2 to 1 cold weather is deadlier than heat. Cold is far more dangerous than hurricanes or tornadoes or floods.

The following graph shows the most recent study on the subject from the CDC.

Center for Disease Control

CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, examining death certificates from coroners or medical examiners, computed approximately 2,000 people died from weather-related causes each year.  Of those 2,000 deaths, the report  says 63 percent were cold-related, 31 percent heat-related, and just 6 percent due to floods, storms, or lightning.

Temperatures in Michigan could plunge to near -20 degrees by Sunday morning and will also come with wind. That means wind chill numbers could fall below minus 40 and that can be hazardous to your health. Be careful and bundle up.