Brian Williams, the now disgraced color commentator for NBC News will be out of work and out of a paycheck for the next 6 months at least.

The network issuing a long statement Tuesday outlining the networks decision to bench it’s $50 million dollar man and take a chance on blowing it’s lead for a bit in the network news horse race. Williams and NBC have been the leaders in viewers and revenue for quite some time but that could be over.

Williams was sent home without pay (a $5 million dollar penalty) for making up stories about his heroics in covering stories including the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The truth is Williams made up news stories from whole cloth and he will never have the respect of millions of Americans ever again. The network said he deserved a second chance. I am not convinced that is true. He is a man being paid $10 million dollars a year to be honest and credible. He is not some cub reporter trying to get street cred. No instead he is a coddled middle aged man making millions of dollars to do one thing- tell it like it is. I am sorry that his ego is so fragile and his insecurities so great that he couldn’t resist making himself the super hero of his fanciful news reporting but in the end that is not an excuse and I am sorry in this case NBC blew the call.

Brian Williams should be fired, period. He is paid for integrity and with that all but vanished what exactly are you paying for?