It was only a couple of years ago that many people were lamenting the end of the Great Lakes and making wild eyed predictions that the lakes would soon be a thing of the past. One of the seven wonders of the natural world would simply dry up and blow away. Many said that Global Warming was going to destroy our state, our nation and ultimately the world.

I failed to panic again. In fact I may have even yawned. You see the sky is falling crowd has gotten me to bite way too many times in the past. I decided that maybe rainfall and lake levels might just be cyclical. After all we had just gone through a very dry couple of years and maybe the lakes, I thought, just needed a good drink. I had one myself and then waited.

Guess what? Now the Great Lakes are headed toward too much water. Yep, now we are being told that the lakes could burst their banks if we have a wet spring and summer.

The rebound over the past two or three years from the road to dry lake beds and oblivion has been epic to say the least. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron (the two are really the same body of water of course) have risen nearly 34 inches since the record low levels in January 2013.

One report stated: If we have very wet weather in the next six months, the forecast says Lake Michigan-Huron could be 21 inches higher than last summer. That's almost two feet higher.

If we have very dry weather in the next six months, Lake Michigan-Huron would still be about five inches higher than last summer.

Now some are saying the Lakes could overflow and flood low lying areas. This too is presumably a result of Global Warming. Pardon me while I yawn again and pour a nice drink. You see I’ve decided not to panic this time either. I am however making plans to be on a few boat rides this coming year.