Steve Gruber delves deeply into the Brian Williams debacle which has the anchor repeatedly lying and then fumbling out an insincere apology. In the first half of this week's show Gruber explains in detail how this lie is symbolic of more than one particular false narrative, but are any of us surprised?

In the second part of Gruber's exploration into NBCs integrity overall, he raises a fair question: what sort of person needs to lie like this?

As ISIS spreads its terror across the globe, Jordan resolves to remove the threat completely after a Jordanian pilot was caged and immolated in a video released online. Steve opines.

At this year's National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama recollects the Crusades, Inquisition, and American racism as examples of the failure of Christianity and religion, while neglecting to link the ongoing terrorism around the world with the religion of Islam. Steve examines these peculiar statements with respect to the liberal mindset as a whole and he ties together the week's crazy events into one big picture.