As we are about to see a change in leadership in the White House lets review some of the policies of the last 8 years. Let's sum up Obama's foreign policy "achievements":

1) Put guns in the hands of dangerous Mexican drug lords that led to the death of a Border Patrol agent in some twisted plot designed to turn back the Second Amendment.

2) Created and managed the Arab Spring which led to the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood which is now recognized as a terrorist organization.

3) The Arab Spring also led to the Benghazi Massacre, in which Obama did nothing for thirteen hours to help while Americans were under attack on American soil and four of them were killed.

4) Pulled out of Iraq which led to the creation of ISIS.

5) Kissed Iran's rear and got absolutely nothing in return while they continued to harass and embarrass us....including capturing our soldiers.

6) Insulted and derided our greatest ally and allowed them to be punished by the U.N.

7) Is on the verge of starting WW3 with Russia to cover up his own election failure, while allowing Putin to manhandle him for nearly eight years previously.

8) Traded five of the most heinous monsters in the history of humanity for a traitor, releasing them right back into enemy hands.

9) Emptied GITMO of scores of terrorists, unleashing them right back into the environments where they can continue their wicked actions.

10) Paid a ransom to terrorists for hostages as part of an additional massive multi-billion dollar gift to them.

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