It appears the rage these days in the liberal media and punditry is to blame the landslide loss of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on “fake news” among other things.  Interesting that the “real” news sites, and I use that term loosely, appear to not be telling you all of the information or “all of the news fit to print”.   Apparently the “fake” news sites the “real” news sites point out have hardly anyone reading them.

So if there are hardly anyone reading the “fake” news sites then how can the sway a national or state election?

By the way do you think that ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Politico, almost every newspaper in the U.S. and the list goes on and on are just really mad because they had the “fake” news angle covered for years and others are trying to muscle in?  Just a thought.

According to an article in the Daily Caller let’s check out the rankings of these so called “fake” news sites:

Fake news site, subject of coverage from the New York Times and the Washington Post, is ranked 91,688 in web traffic in the U.S., according to web analytics firm Alexa. To put that number in perspective: the site supposedly impacting the national political scene is more than 84,000 slots behind the website for a Virginia community college.


On Sunday, the New York Times devoted front-page coverage to a site called the “Patriot News Agency.” The Times’ story emphasized the fact that “operators of Patriot News had an explicitly partisan motivation: getting Mr. Trump elected.”  But “Patriot News Agency” is even less popular than the “Denver Guardian,” ranking in at 184,898 in the country, according to Alexa. The site’s Facebook page has 113 total likes at this time.


Fake news site “,” whose name meant to fool readers into confusing it with liberal network MSNBC, received mentions from the Washington Post and liberal website, among others. But “” reaches a tiny audience, according to Alexa’s data, which has the site ranked 549,714 in the United States.”

Do I need to say anymore?  As I have stated for years we are dealing with the party of teenagers and when do teenagers ever take responsibility for their mistakes?  Rarely.

By the way let us touch on their other reason for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats landslide defeat, the Russians.

Do you realize, and I ask that question because most of the media does not, that the Democrats and their compadres in the media are angry at the Russians, if they were the ones who hacked into their emails, for actually allowing more information about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to get out.  They are not disputing the content of what was exposed by Wikileaks, they are just angry that the people of the United States were allowed to see it.  Do you realize they are upset because the electorate where able to have more information on the candidates then they wanted them to have.  They are upset because we the people had more information in which to make our decision on how to vote.

I thought they were for transparency, guess I was wrong.

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