More than 60 seats in the House, 10 seats in the Senate and 14 Governor’s mansions have all gone to the Republicans since Barack Obama was elected President in 2008. Hundreds of other seats have gone red at the state level around the nation during that time as well. In all some 1,030 seats have switched. It is the largest losses under any President in my lifetime and maybe ever. It is stunning to say the least. It is a true indicator that Americans all over the nation are not enamored with identity politics and they do not support socialist, Marxist policies.

Donald Trumps election on November 8th was a sharp rebuke to Obama and his minions but the Democrats on the hard left refuse to accept the obvious. In fact so out of touch is the lame-duck President that he had the audacity to say he would have been elected again if it were legal for him to run.


I suppose it’s possible but I would point out the nation moved away from Obama’s hand-picked successor, Hillary Clinton. She ran as a stand in for his third term. She did not lose because of some new birth of the Ku Klux Klan. She did not lose because of fake news. She did not lose because of James Comey and she did not lose because of the Russians. Hillary Clinton lost because her message was not one that America was interested in any more. After eight years of ‘Hope and Change’ they decided this time around they needed to vote for real change and Americans are more hopeful now than they have been in a decade according to new polling numbers.

Donald Trump was a political neophyte that made every possible gaff and yet his message of America first was still a winner on Election Day. And don’t be fooled by the steady diet of fake news stories suggesting Hillary Clinton is more deserving because she won the popular vote. It’s not exactly true. You see Trump won the popular vote in 30 of the 50 states and those states put Trump in the White House. That’s the way it works here. Each state has the opportunity to have it’s voice heard. Otherwise we should just get rid of states altogether.

It’s funny how many on the left say it’s time to scrap the Electoral College. It’s funny only because it is so sad. Progressives are quick to say how much they support the Constitution until they don’t. And it’s not like they really support the popular vote. I mean if they did why did they attack measures in states like California and Michigan that banned same-sex marriage? Why? That’s simple; because they don’t actually support the Constitution or the popular vote unless they are aligned with their political agenda.

The left’s agenda has for now been rejected but make no mistake they do not quit and they will continue to attack everything many of you believe in. Barack Obama will be the one leading that charge. He intends to remain in Washington so he can fire shots at the new administration from close range.

Obama’s decision to stay in Washington and remain active and vocal in politics is unprecedented in modern politics. It makes you wonder if his first order of business will be pushing for a Constitutional Amendment to allow him a chance to run for a third term.

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