The Democrats had asked for Electors to vote their conscience as well as the Electoral College should not exist.  Can they really have it both ways?  Are they not arguing against themselves when they state that Electors should vote their conscience and that the Electoral College should not exist yet they believe in democracy.

If the left does not believe in Democracy then does that not call into question our form of government?

Did I miss it or is there wording in the Constitution that Electors should vote their own conscience.

Are they really saying that the approximately 62 million people who voted for Donald Trump really does not matter?  Should we just bypass the people’s vote and allow the Electors to pick our next president, do they not see what the ultimate end would be by what they are pursing?

These are troubling times if the Democrat party now believes that the people’s vote via each state does not matter.  Do we really want the big states to determine who our next President is?  If so we would basically forget about most of the states in the Country.’

California alone had voted for Hillary Clinton by approximately 3.5 million votes and New York voted for Hillary Clinton by approximately 1.7 million votes.  California alone accounted for the difference in the popular vote between the two Presidential candidates.

In the end thirty states voted for Donald Trump while 20 states voted for Hillary Clinton.  Imagine how our presidential campaign would be if the candidates only worried about the most populous states.

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