It's warmer weather, and that means more ice cream will be eaten. Where will Michiganders get theirs?

Along with the typical Dairy Queen, there's "Tasty Twist", "Tastee Treat", "Dairy Freeze", "Arctic Corner", "Frosty Freeze", "The Freeze", "Twisters", "Scoops", "Wonder Freeze", "Dairy Lodge", "Shiver Shack", "Captain Sundae", "Dairy DeLuxe", "Dairy-Go-Round", "Swirly Top", "Dairy Cafe', "Dairy Park", "Dairy Bar", "Frosty Boy" and others.

So where's Tastee Freez? What happened to It? Where did they all go?
There is not one single Tastee Freez left in Michigan.

There are only eleven states left that have a Tastee Freez, the closest being Illinois. The other states are Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, Vermont, and Virginia.

Tastee Freez was founded in 1950 in Joliet, Illinois, and by 1957 there were 1800 locations in the United States! Nowadays there are only 23 left.

How many of you remember the Tastee Freez twins, "Tee" and "Eff"? They were little yellow creatures whose heads were topped with chocolate syrup, to look like some kind of hair.

Many will say, "ice cream is ice cream - what's the big deal"? and go to a similar ice cream stand. True, ice cream IS ice cream...but Tastee Freez is classic.


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