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Live in Iowa. Iowa Caucus’


Steve Gruber: New to the team there and new to us here Mike. Welcome to the program
Mike Garofalo: . Morning, Steve, how are you?
Mike Garofalo : Good good to have you here. I know you're on the ground there and Iowa. Can you give us any sense? Because we read the polls Bernie Sanders and his people big rally for Bernie Bernie turning the people out. It looks like it could and should be a good night for Bernie Sanders. What's your take on things from from ground level?
Mike Garofalo: Actually, I spoke to one of Bernie's ground people yesterday. If you will start my hair here. This is rather early out here, but they are excited their pump. They're going to be out and about I said hey is what's very doing tomorrow evening and they basically said that well, you know, Bernie is going to be out and about we don't have any major plans, but they feel really good about things. I probably spoke to 50 people yesterday on the ground after I got here and I will say this the port is fractured across the On the Democratic side.

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