With all of the politics and Covid-19 dominating the news right now, here’s some very positive news about our Michigan weather this weekend, that should make all of us feel good. It’s going to be a warm weekend! Most chances of rain are in the Southern portion of Michigan on Saturday, and we’re expecting a very nice Sunday too. The rain coming in on Saturday will be coming north to south. Expect showers in the northern half of the lower peninsula in the morning, and the southern half from late morning to early afternoon. Once these showers blow through, the rain should be gone.
On Saturday with clouds and showers in the area, we’ll have cooler temperatures. Highs in the 60’s for the upper peninsula and in the mid 70’s for the lower peninsula. Saturday will be a very comfortable day, and Sunday our chances of rain are very low.

The exception could be right along the southern border of Michigan. The air could still be unstable enough for a quick half hour shower to flare up during the late morning or early afternoon. Even there, the chance of rain is slim.

You will see sunshine and highs from 75-79 degrees in Lower Michigan on Sunday, and possibly the 70’s for the Upper Peninsula. So it’s looking like we are going to have a wonderful weekend to kick off November. Make plans now to get out and enjoy it. Because after this weekend, cold air returns to our region.

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