Ah, 'tis the season and all that other good stuff. If you've been ready to see some snow, the wait isn't going to be too long after all. It seems that there might be some snow in our forecast for this weekend.

It should also be noted, we might see some of that crazy Michigan weather we always talk about.

The National Weather Service is showing the possibility for snow going into Friday night and this weekend.

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It's going to be more than just snow.

MLive is reporting that there is a storm system heading towards the state of Michigan, so we don't have just snow to look forward to this weekend.

High winds, rain, and more are all in store for this weekend, so if you have any projects you wanted to get done that will be outdoors, getting them done earlier in the week will be the way to go.

Temperatures are also going to be crazy this week.

If you're new to Michigan, welcome. Here is your introduction to the state. If you're not, get ready for that weird weather that we always complain about.

The mid 50s can be seen till Thursday, where we will see a high of about sixty degrees by Thursday.

Friday, we will be dropping down to temperatures around 30 as a low, and low 40s on Saturday for a high.

Rain is in the forecast Friday night through the weekend, so expect to see rain and snow mix possible through the weekend.

The officials who report the weather are saying it isn't too early to tell that we have some snow in the forecast, however, when it comes to predicting how many inches, it isn't as reliable at the time this article was posted.

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