For some this might be great news, for others, not sure whether to continue wearing a mask or not. It's not like the coronavirus pandemic is over by any means.

So now Michigan is withdrawing the mask advisory due to the fact that the worst of the omicron spread is officially behind us.

The indoor mask guidance does include K-12 schools simply because the COVID-19 numbers are down in Michigan.

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On Wednesday, Feb. 16, the state health department announced a withdrawal of its public health advisory on masking in indoor public settings, which was put in place in November. The advisory recommended all people wear a mask indoors in public settings, regardless of vaccination status.

Even state officials are telling us to mask up when it feels like the right thing to do. If you feel uncomfortable going into a grocery store, restaurant, or a gas station, by all means wear your mask to lower the risk of exposure and transmission.

My wife and I had COVID last month and we both had to quarantine for 5 days because we both had all of our vaccination shots.

Even when we tested positive for COVID-19, there were other people we knew who tested positive as well.

We all realize that the worst of the omicron surge is behind us. But to be on the safe side, based on my own personal opinion, my wife and I still plan on wearing our masks when were out around small or large crowds. adds:

"This is good news for Michigan," said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in a prepared statement. "While Michigan hasn't had statewide mask policies since last June, this updated guidance will underscore that we are getting back to normal.

Overall we're not being told not to wear our masks, but that it should be a local decision regarding mask recommendations.

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