Sam Lang knows everything there is to know about "The Castle That Ray Built" in Ovid, Michigan. But the only thing I knew about it upon seeing it for the first time is how amazingly bright and pink this amazing home is. Sam's Aunt is the current occupant of the home, and The Owasso Community page went into detail about how and why this unique "castle" was built:

The home and windmill near the corner of Hollister Rd and M-21, we have learned, was built by a man named Raymond Fury who was in love with a woman from Holland. The story goes to impress her and help persuade her to come here, Raymond built this home and windmill trying in his mind to replicate a home in Holland. We wished we could tell you that she fell in love with Raymond and the home, moved here and they lived happily ever after….. But that would be a Disney movie.

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Unfortunately for Ray Fury his love never come and he ended up passing away in the senior center years later. But how did the house become SO pink? Sam said it was his grandfathers doing:

The village of Ovid harassed [my grandparents] constantly as they were doing repairs, so out of spite my grandfather found some powdered pink concentrated paint at a yard sale for super cheap and painted the house pink. My grandparents worked on the house for 10 years straight and retired there. I lived with them and graduated high school while living there.

If you've ever gotten any photos of the house, you'll have to let us know if it's as magnificent in person.

Mason's Pink Schoolhouse


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