In the past we Michiganders have been subjected to critics who claim we are one of the most 'drunken' states in the nation. Sometimes we appear in the Top Ten, thanks to having a couple of “Big Ten” universities...and we all know about that.

Aside from college students, what other criteria do these so-called “experts” base their claims on?
Unemployment rate
Crime rate
Seasonal cold weather
The pandemic
Overindulging on holidays
…..and I'm sure there are a few others.

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To be fair to our state, we are NOT the drunkest state in the nation. That honor goes to Wisconsin (they're probably still peeved about losing the Upper Peninsula). As for Michigan, according to the latest “drunk state” list in November 2021, we ranked #18. Okay, that's not so bad, right? Especially not for a Big Ten state.

So what's the point of all this?
There is no point.
None at all.

All this is - is a lead-in for the following photo gallery. I've shown galleries of old Michigan saloons in the past, but this gallery is different. Most of the photos show the INTERIORS of these old saloons and taverns; it also shows some of our ancestors from the early 1900s enjoying brewskis and other alcoholic and women alike.

So forget everything I already mentioned about how Michiganders do or don't drink a lot – and take a look at some of our bottle and mug tipper ancestors in the gallery below...

Inside Vintage Michigan Saloons


Hot Air Ballooning, Early 1900s

The Defunct Grand Riviera Theatre, Detroit, 1925-1952

Michigan Salesmen, 1900s-1940s

Ice Skating In Michigan


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