I may have some helpful news for you that can save you some money at the fuel pumps.

Gasbuddy.com took it upon themselves to determine what day you have the best chance of saving some money when filling up your vehicle.  They looked at each individual state and came up with the answer to many of our questions.  When is it the best day to fill up our gas tanks and which day is the best to avoid filling up our gas tanks.

The study was reported in USA Today and it found the following:

The best day to fill up your gas tank in Michigan is Monday.

The worst day to fill up your gas tank in Michigan is Thursday.

Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy stated that generally nationwide:

"Very early in the week, when gas stations are generally a little bit quieter traffic-wise, is a great time to fill up...We generally see more volatility and higher prices later in the week."

Every little bit helps, right?

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