Gas prices have been steadily climbing since the war between Russia and Ukraine drove oil up prices to new heights and now we're seeing the effects here stateside.

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This is the highest that gas has been since 2008 with most places charging over $4 a gallon to fill up. The scary part is that we haven't even gotten into spring yet let alone summer where gas prices always go up.

During the first full week of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the price of regular gas rose by almost 41 cents, according to the AAA motor club.


“As Russia’s war on Ukraine continues to evolve and we head into a season where gas prices typically increase, Americans should prepare to pay more for gas than they ever have before," Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy, said in a statement.

This is gonna be one of the roughest years to date. The war in Ukraine isn't slowing down anytime soon and the sanctions implemented by the U.S has Russia on its back foot. The problem with these sanctions though is that Russia is one of the world's largest oil exports and with its economy collapsing oil is going to continue to climb.

California is seeing the worst of it right now with gas prices coming in at $5.29 a gallon according to! That's horrible! We could be seeing a record high on gas prices this year and it feels like it's gonna be here sooner than later. Do yourself a favor and start getting more serious about converting over to electric vehicles. I know, I know, most people say they can't afford a new electric car, but at this rate, you won't be able to afford a gas car either.

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