It was only a matter of time before gas prices jumped back over that $4 mark and now that you've become accustomed to paying that price expect to see higher rates as we head into hotter temperatures.

AAA says drivers are now paying $4.12 a gallon to fill up their tanks. That's up 18 cents from just last week.


Diesel prices are now hitting record highs with the average at $5.30 a gallon. That's up $2 compared to this time last year.

Experts are saying that gas is supposed to stay around a high $3 or low $4 mark but I doubt that will be the case. Diesel is already hitting record highs and I suspect as we get deeper into the summer the whole Ukraine conflict will be a good enough excuse to push gas prices to record highs. There are a few spots around Genesee County that are somewhat decent on gas prices, but I don't expect to see any of these prices stick. I honestly expect prices to get closer to $5 by the end of the summer.

Here are the Top 3 Best Gas prices in Genesee County this week.

$3.92/Gal: Click Mart, 5050 W Pierson Rd.

$3.97/Gal: Click Mart, 1205 N Ballenger Hwy

$3.99/Gal: Marathon, 6018 Clio Rd


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