The 4th of July weekend is over and according to AAA gas prices are finally going on the decline.

You know the deal people, every year prices go up for the independence day weekend with all the traveling going on. Now that we've hit the halfway point in the year prices should start to slowly and I mean slowly go back down.

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“Gas prices rose last week as more than 1.4 million Michigan residents were expected to hit the road for the Independence Day holiday,” said Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA-The Auto Club Group. “After the sharp spike, motorists will likely see prices stabilize through this week.”



  • Most expensive gas price averages: Metro Detroit ($3.28), Ann Arbor ($3.27), Jackson ($3.19)

  • Least expensive gas price averages: Traverse City ($3.06), Benton Harbor ($3.13), Marquette ($3.13)

Another way to combat these high gas prices is to really start looking at EVs (Electic Vehicles). And I already know what your gonna say, "Those things are too expensive right now" and some models are really high. But with programs aimed at assisting you with purchasing an EV and the current market leaning all the way in on EVs, they're getting cheaper every year. Just be patient, pretty soon gas will be a thing of the past. And just like your phone, your gonna have more problems reminding yourself to plug your car in at night than worrying about gas prices going up and down.

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