Who would have thought that the battle would come down to a pillow versus a giant bird? We asked Michigan on Facebook: “What TV Commercials Can You No Longer Stand Watching” and you let us know!

Donna F.

Well, for me it's any with animals - or animated.....my dog watches TV and barks whenever there's an animal or something animated he barks - I never notices before how many commercials have animals in them - and it doesn't seem to matter whether it's a butterfly, a bear or a dog. Drives me crazy.

Michigan's Least Favorite Commercial Categories

With a sample size of 894 Facebook comments, scientifically tallied on a yellow legal pad and then entered into a spreadsheet, we have determined Michigan’s least favorite TV commercials. The vast majority of the comments were ‘All of Them’ with 469 and another majority narrowed the spots down to specific categories they didn’t like:

Scott Clow
Scott Clow

Prescription commercials was the biggest vote getter overall, with 5.9% of the total comments:

Julie F.

Any commercial touting the newest prescription medications! They treat so many diseases I've never heard of, so I have to Google it to see if I may have it!


Cindy S.

There’s an oral medication for Type 2 diabetes called Jardiance and the commercial has the main character singing and dancing with her friends around and on a fountain. I don’t hate it but I also take the medication and I have yet to burst into song and dance after taking it.

Beyond the categories there was one company that seemed to raise the hackles of everyone watching:

Scott Clow
Scott Clow

Michigan's Top 24 Least Favorite Commercials represents all specific companies that were mentioned more than once in the original Facebook post. As you can see above, it's a varied list, but it is dominated by insurance companies. Let's take a closer look at some of the most hated commercials in the Mitten State:

#11 Cars for Kids

Lois B.

The all pink kid band fake playing/singing "Cars for kidz"

#10 Camp Lejeune Lawsuit Commercials

#9 All State Mayhem

Joanie F.

…that mayhem guy for one of the other insurance companies is beyond obnoxious. I mute or change the channel whenever he comes on.

#8 Bud Light


Ed S.

ASPCA animal cruelty. Can't handle watching .

#6 Colonial Penn

Janet T.

That darn one for Colonial Penn Insurance. Everytime that Jonathan starts talking, I want to throw something through the tv!

#5 Lume Deodorant

Betsy Z.

The LUME deodorant..... I cannot stand that doctor's big face yapping through her computer screen at me!


John D.

The dr.lady selling body lotion where she names all the places it can go.

#4 Amazon 'Tache'

Kathy Soergel Lindquist

Young girl with mustache for sure

#3 Progressive Insurance...All of Them

Linda M.

Progressive Insurance, “Flo” has got to go! And especially her sidekick, Jamie.

That commercial, the first appearance of 'Flo' was in 2008...now her co-workers have made it as big as she has, even that annoying little Jamie:

But it's not just Flo, Dr. Rick isn't getting off that easy:

Progressive is the company that also brings you TV Dad:

And last for Progressive, the Instant Replay:

 #2 My Pillow

Scott T.

I love Fox News, but the My Pillow ads drive me nuts.

#1 Liberty Mutual Insurance

Chris P.

Any Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial

There's so many Liberty Mutual Insurance concepts!

Creepy right? Don't for get about the kids, Liberty didn't:

By far the biggest complaint about Liberty Mutuals commercials had to have been:

Janet T.

And I won't leave out that crazy man on that Liberty Mutual commercial! Yuk! Ignorant!

Helen S.

Keep the Emu ditch the guy!

Michigan Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

They are considered “an invasive pest” in Michigan, so don’t feel guilty wishing the brown marmorated stink bug an untimely demise. The stink, hence, the name. They do have some natural predators, including beetles, crickets, spiders, and birds, but arming yourself is the best way to prevent these smelly little insects from taking over your home and yard.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs Once and For All
It should be said that the best way to get rid of any pest is to call a professional. There are many reputable removal services available in Michigan that have years of experience dealing with stink bugs.
However, because native Michigan families like to do everything they can to avoid paying a professional to do a job, we have compiled a list of 4 do it yourself home remedies that could dent your stink bug problem. Many of the items you’ll need to put together these homemade traps and sprays you may have already laying in your house or garage. Just be sure if you are using a spray bottle that you already have at home that it doesn’t already or you haven’t recently filled it with anything that could be harmful to your home surfaces, pets, and family.

Nothing Works Overnight
One thing all of these remedies have in common is patience. Stink bugs didn’t arrive from Southeast Asia into Michigan overnight, but you may be able to catch a few while you’re getting some sleep.
So Michigan let’s fight back. Go into your garages, search under your sinks, head to your hardware or grocery store, and arm up as we prepare to take on one of the Mitten States’ most formidable and rabidly reproducing nuisance species: The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

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