Johnny Spirit, AKA John Sheldon, has been a hot topic in the lead up to week two of Michigan State's football season after a viral Facebook post claimed Sheldon had been banned from Michigan State football games after some incident that happened during the Bowling Green game.

The Facebook post specifically claimed Sheldon tried to enter the stadium three different times and was kicked out each time. This anecdote was not immediately confirmed or denied by a reputable party.

What was confirmed however is that Johnny Spirit is still welcome at Michigan State football games according to athletic director Mark Hollis.

Hollis in a correspondence with the Lansing State Journal said “We have no knowledge of him being removed from the Stadium, nor is he banned in any way. He is a fan."

Spirit is recognizable in any major venue that Michigan State plays in by his inflatable football helmet, giant "S" on his chest, usually accompanied with green body paint or a green morphsuit and often times some camera type device (internet users noted it has recently been a GoPro camera). Though he is constantly around Michigan State athletics, he has no official affiliation with the department.

Sheldon is a polarizing figure among certain sects of the Spartan fan base. On one hand a lot of people love his energy and support for Michigan State athletics, while others see his continued participation in college rituals (Sheldon graduated over two decades ago) and some of mannerisms during the games as odd or even creepy.

Love him or hate him, superfan Johnny Spirit will likely be in attendance at Spartan Stadium for Michigan State vs Western Michigan this Saturday contrary to any rumors that might have been spread.

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