If you attend a major sporting event involving Michigan State University there's a chance that you could run into noted MSU superfan Johnny Spirit.

Spirit, whose legal name is John Sheldon, dress up in all green with a big Spartan "S" on the front and has reportedly been spotted at major Michigan State events all the way back to the mid to late 1990s.

That's what made a facebook post catch a lot of people's attention and raise some eyebrows.

Discussion ran rampant on twitter and message boards across the internet and while Johnny Spirit is a polarizing figure in the Michigan State community it appears he has not in fact been banned from attending Michigan State sporting events.

Sheldon was a Michigan State grad back in the 1990s and has involved himself in school traditions long after his time in East Lansing was done. Some see this as endearing, others not so much.

While opinions on Sheldon will be wildly varied from person to person it would seem that he is still going to be around Michigan State athletics for the time being, and I think it would be safe to assume that if he truly is not banned you will see him in the stands (or running up and down them) at the Western Michigan game Saturday.

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