In another move that has shocked Democrats and liberals to their core, President Trump has once again stepped up and delivered on a campaign promise. This time the President took aim at the massive overstepping of former President Barack Obama when he allowed illegal aliens brought here by their parents to be protected from deportation.

The left is screaming that Trump is a bigot and will tear families apart by ending DACA but in reality by delaying the end of the program by 6-months he is forcing Congress to step up and do their jobs. Remember President Obama had it all in his first term for two years but never got to immigration reform. As a result he ended up making an Executive Order that like all such orders is flimsy when a new Chief Executive comes in.

It seems people on all sides of the debate would like to see accommodations made for those that were brought here illegally by their parents or others and allow them to stay if other changes are made to immigration. This is the best chance to achieve an actual overhaul of our immigration system in a generation or more.

I for one don’t actually believe our system is broken. I believe several Presidents have failed to enforce the laws that are already on our books and as a result we find ourselves once again faced with cleaning up a big mess. In fact almost daily we hear about a mess left behind by former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. It seems they were paying attention to things that the American people may or may not have been worried about but I can tell you most of us do have an opinion on illegal aliens.

As a result of Trump ending the end run on Congress and avoiding an almost certain court loss; former President Obama who called it a temporary action is now loudly criticizing Trump even though he knew it would never last. It is funny how much hypocrisy there is in Washington D.C.. Just a word to the wise, do it right the first time and you wouldn’t have to go back and clean up this kind of mess.

Make no mistake this was a temporary fix as declared to President Obama himself in June of 2012. Now he is saying something altogether different and frankly lying to the American people. This is politics at its worst and the former President should do what all former Presidents do and that is keep quiet and be respectful but he seems unable to keep with that tradition. This should come as no surprise as he seemed to have little use for many American traditions.

I personally can be open to allowing so-called ‘Dreamers’ to remain here if they are contributing to the country and have kept out of trouble for the most part. However it must come with legislation that will prevent another rush at the border in the future. President Reagan made a deal with Democrats once on amnesty and it turned out to be a raw deal for all Americans.

Meanwhile there are also many critics south of the border including the Mexican Government. To that I would simply suggest that they get their nation in order so that millions of people try not to flee that hell-hole each year. How about putting together a nation that people actually want to stay in?

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