There is never enough feel good stories to write about or they certainly do not get the press they deserve.

I am happy to bring to your attention one of those feel good stories and it happened right her in Michigan.

TV station Fox 17 is reporting on a restaurant in Hudsonville Michigan that saved a couples wedding.  Hudsonville is southwest of Grand Rapids and the restaurant is named Sonder Eatery.

A couple who found out on their wedding day that the caterer for their wedding had mistakenly thought their wedding was on August 18th not last Saturday August 11th.   That meant the couple would have no caterer, meaning no food for their big day.

When the couple came to the owner of Sonder Eatery, Nick Ruestics “in tears” he and his staff rose to the occasion.

Within 90 minutes the restaurant was able to provide food not only for their cocktail hour but also created 150 meals for the couple’s guests.

Congradulations to Nick and his staff at Sonder Eatery for saving that precious day for the couple.

If you are ever in Hudsonville and are looking for a place to eat I would certainly give Sonder Eatery a try.

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