Many of you may have already heard that Attorney General Bill Schuette announced yesterday morning in Grand Rapids his choice to be his running mate in this falls race for Governor.  He choose the Kent County clerk and register of deeds and former member of the state House from 2011 to 2016, Lisa Posthumus Lyons.

He said he choose her for her knowledge of the “dynamics of the legislature”.  I assume he also choose her because she is female and will help with the female vote this fall against his female opponent, Gretchen Whitmer.

In fact pollster and friend of Lisa’s father Dick Posthumus, Steve Mitchell, who heads Mitchell Research and Communications stated:

I think she can identify with suburban women, not only in Kent County but in southeast Michigan and around the state

What you may not know is Ms. Lyons in an October 2016 Facebook posting pulled her support for Trump in 2016 after he made "demeaning" comments about women, and she wrote that Trump's behavior was "unacceptable."

She then went on to write that:

The voters chose our nominee, so I have been quiet because I respect the voters.  But it is clear Donald Trump has not earned my respect or my vote.

Why AG Schuette choose someone opposed to President Trump is somewhat of a mystery to me.  Schuette routinely criticized Lt. Gov. Brian Calley during the primary campaign for abandoning Trump in 2016 for the same reason, the Access Hollywood tape.

In fact AG Schuette himself supported Jeb Bush until Trump won the primary.

When Ms. Lyons was questioned about her 2016 post regarding President Trump she said that she now supports the president and the policies emerging from his administration.  In fact she was quoted in a Detroit News article stating:

You cannot argue with the results that we’re seeing, from tax cuts for American, hard-working families to rule-of-law judges that are taking the bench throughout the nation

That is a reasonable answer and should not hurt AG Schuette in the fall, it may but it should not.  As long as Ms. Lyons and AG Schuette are result oriented politicians that is good enough for me.  Although if more people did think like Ms. Lyons we would not have had all of these good results, would we.

Is this pick acceptable to you, might her anti-Trump stance in the past hurt Bill Schuette?

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