A Detroit U.S. District Judge, Gershwin Drain, appointed by former President Obama stated in his ruling that the Republican led legislature was “intentionally discriminated against African Americans” when they voted for a ban of straight-ticketing voting.

How is banning straight-ticket voting discriminating against black people?

This ruling sounds racist and bigoted in itself.

Back in December of 2015 Michigan’s Legislature voted to eliminate straight-ticket voting.  The representatives who voted for it argued that the elimination of straight-ticket voting would:

  • encourage more informed voting
  • increase the possibility that a third party could win election
  • and decrease the likelihood that voters would miss nonpartisan portions of the ballot

That all sound very reasonable to me.

Mark Brewer, the former Michigan Democratic Party Chairman filed a suit against the state in May 2016 on behalf of three Michigan voters and the state chapter of the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

According to a Detroit News article, in his ruling Judge Drain stated the ban would “disproportionately affect black residents and increase the time it would take them to vote in districts where lines may already be long”.

Do white people and people of other skin color not vote straight-ticket?

As I stated it sounds like Mark Brewer and his clients all seem to be making a racist or bigoted statement about black people and I will not stand for that.

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson filed a notice of appeal Monday morning and her spokesman Fred Woodhams was quoted in the article stating:

The state is confident that it will succeed on the merits of the appeal as there is no Fourteenth Amendment violation, no violation of the Voting Rights Act and plaintiffs lack standing to bring this claim

Judge Drain stated in his ruling that the law:

reflects racial discriminatory intent harbored by the Michigan legislature, and disparately impacts African-Americans’ opportunity to vote in concert with social and historical conditions of discrimination

Again I ask; why do these Democrats believe that this straight-ticket ban is discriminatory when in fact their claim that “African-Americans” would be affected by this ban is actually the only discriminatory statement in this entire issue.

When is the Democratic Party going to stand up against these racist and bigots in their own party?

Banning straight-ticket voting is not a racist or bigoted law, I think we can all agree that people of all races, creed and religions vote straight-ticket.

At least intelligent people who are not tainted by their political agendas can agree to that.

Please stand up with me against racist and or bigots like Judge Drain, Mark Brewer and any other person who believes that straight-ticket voting is in itself discriminatory against black people.

Unlike those people I believe that black people are just as smart or smarter than people of other colors or whatever box these people want to put them in and can be informed voters.  Informed voters who vote for people based on their platforms and what they have accomplished for the good of the people in the past.

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