According to the Detroit Free Press, a man in Wayne County lost his Powerball ticket that was worth $150,000. Thankfully, though, he found it a few days before it expired.

Talk about a lucky man who must have a horse shoe tied around something in his house.

So this Michigan man finds the ticket in the nick of time to claim $150,000 from the Michigan Lottery.

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The Detroit Free Press tells us:

Anil Philip purchased a ticket for the March 14, 2020, drawing that matched four of the five white balls and the Powerball.  The Powerplay option multiplied his $50,000 prize to $150,000.

Just think about all of the things you could spend $150,000 on if you were lucky enough to win that kind of money.

If I were him, I would buy a brand new car, pay off a few bills, and then I would plan a family vacation somewhere in the Bahamas, Hawaii, Arizona to see the Grand Canyon, and then I would just bank the rest of the cash.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

Philip won the prize right when COVID-19 hit, so he decided to wait to claim the prize. He ended up misplacing the ticket and just found it a few days ago.

The decision to wait almost cost him a lot of money.

Maybe I should try this, go out and buy a few Powerball tickets, lose them on purpose and then find them at the last minute to win big cash just like Mr. Philip did.

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