Mackinac Island is a unique city known for a variety of things such as The Grand Hotel, the charm, and that you can't have any motor vehicles on the Island.

So as summer approaches - the island's busiest season - the Mackinac Island Police Department is giving visitors a friendly reminder: don't bring your electric bikes. Via The Detroit News,

Electric Bicycles are prohibited on the island with the exception of those used as mobility devices for those with mobility disabilities...

If a disability doesn't fit in what is outlined in the American Disabilities Act, then the motor vehicle isn't allowed.

According to the city's Transportation page, the e-bike needs to be a Class I in order to be allowed on the island meaning it has a motor of not more than 750 watts, go above 20mph, and only operates when the driver is pedaling.

If someone is caught with an electronic bike they can receive a fine of $110 along with getting their bike impounded.

For more info, here's a list of FAQ's regarding e-bikes.

This isn't something to fret over if you ask me because being motor-less is what adds to the charm of Mackinac Island. Feet getting tired from all the walking? They have a bunch of places where you can rent an actual bike, rent an electric scooter, or you can have a horse take you around the island.

April to November is when most tourists flock to the Island so police officials say they just want to do their best to keep people safe and maintain the traditions of the Island.

The presence of an ever-growing number of E-Bikes on the island precludes us from providing the safe and enjoyable experience that visitors and residents expect (via The Detroit News).

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If you'd like to be more than just a visitor and actually work on Mackinac Island they're still hiring for the season.

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