When we say crazy cat lady, what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe something that looks like this?

It's a bit much right?

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How about this. What comes to mind when we say, menagerie?

I'll save you the trouble.

A large group of different animals isolated on white background.
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By definition it's a collection of animals. Lots of animals. Different animals.

And be they a collection of cats, dogs, whatever - chances are they can't and shouldn't be kept at your house unless you have room for them. Maybe a farm or a zoo.

So how bad would it have to be that if you have so many animals at your house, they had to send over both animal control and THE REAL ZOO to help the situation out?

That's EXACTLY the situation that happened Wednesday afternoon in Lansing.

Ingham County Animal Control officers ongoing animal welfare investigation at a North Lansing home culminated in a seizure of animals the afternoon of April 7th. Over a dozen dogs and cats were seized along with a variety of exotic reptiles and pocket pets. Potter Park Zoo officials and other area exotics experts assisted in the investigation and seizure. (ICACS/Kate Turner)


As you can see from above, due to the large number of animals involved here, they won't be taking in any cats in the immediate future and they are asking the general public for help with donations of money and Purina One Cat Food.

You can make your donation here: www.icasfund.org/donate/

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